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V I N C E N T   O T T    -    Portfolio

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Man In The Arena
Docu Series about Tom Brady

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?
Animated Series by Warner Brothers

Sky Blue

Spirit Riding Free
Animated DreamWorks Series

Songs with more than 20,000 views

1. Black Friday 100 mio streams (I wrote the string arrangements to this)

2. Spinning. 1 mio streams (I wrote the string arrangements to this)

3. Efeito Moral 65k streams (I wrote the orchestral arrangements for this)

4. Neon Butterflies 80k streams ( I co-wrote and produced this)

5. Evil Eye 23k streams (I co-wrote and produced this)

Working with vocalists

The following are songs which I wrote and recorded with singers/artists and then produced, mixed and mastered myself.

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Dynamic Music for Video Game

Play-through of test level of unreleased video game with dynamic music I created together with Ed Gray (fellow composer and collaborator I work with on video games).

Vincent Ott

Composer, Songwriter & Producer

Los Angeles, CA.  

+1 747-895-2322.

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